Class Assignment: Sept. 5

28 Aug

In our first Aug. 29 class, we looked at Gay Talese’s profile of Frank Sinatra, as well as Tim Rogers’ profile of Anonymous. Read them in their entirety if you like.


Sept. 5: During class: Field trip to RE:MIKE and OMEGA Mart

For class:

Read Chapter 4, “Interviewing” in NRW; TTS, Part 2, the introduction, plus: “To Tape or Not to Tape?”, “Interviewing: Accelerated Intimacy,” “Field Notes to Full Draft.”

Write: Pick any of the short essays in Part 2 of TTS, Finding, Researching and Reporting Topics. Write a one-page response to this essay that includes the questions, ideas and reactions you have to the writer’s piece. This is a response piece, and also will allow me to take a look at your writing. It is due in class.

Prepare: Review the following websites in advance of our field trip:,,, Use these websites to also research these organizations and their projects. Prepare for our field trip:

• five open-ended questions

• five close-ended questions.