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Assignments for October 3

26 Sep

During class: Guest speaker Alexa Schirtzinger from the Santa Fe Reporter; discussion of SFR assignments

For class: News critique #3: Find a significant story about the 2012 elections; evaluate it for its storytelling and structure, based on this week’s NRW readings.

Critique group: Brady and Jessica

For class: Prepare one or several pitches for Alexa for your election/politics-related story. These can be verbal pitches. Your goal is to find a story you can accomplish that relates to the 2012 election. This can be a local election story or be related to the national election. Work on your pitches after you complete the NWR reading (below)

Read: NRW: Chapters 9 and 11, “The Inverted Pyramid” and “Alternatives to the Inverted Pyramid.” Read TTS: Part 11, “Finding Good Topics: A Writer’s Questions” and “Finding Good Topics: An Editor’s Questions.”


Assignments for Sept 26

19 Sep

Read: Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese. We will have a group critique. Please read and bring ideas and observations about this famous profile piece, but pay specific attention to The Ladder of Abstraction concept from last week’s reading. Where does this piece succeed in introducing concepts from the top of the ladder? Where does it show the bottom?

Please bring a rough draft and all of your notes for your story to class. We will devote the rest of class to:

• working on the pieces to produce a complete rough draft

• one or more peer review sessions

• In-class revision

You must turn in (either hard copy or electronically) a complete rough draft by the end of class that incorporates any revision notes I give you in class.

Laptops allowed or you can work in the computer lab. Again, you will turn in the story by the end of the class.

Re:Claiming St. Mike’s

18 Sep

By Jessica O’Brien

Booze, music, dancing, and people—one great big festive blowout to kickoff a weekend all about project RE:MIKE. That’s what will be going down at Molly’s on Sept. 21.

Molly’s Restaurant is located in the heart of the “wasteland” known as St. Michael’s Drive. The venue’s informal kickoff will be held in order to get people excited about the idea that this Santa Fean so-called wasteland has potential to become a wonderland.

“Where’s the vibrant nightlife?” asks RE:MIKE co-founder Daniel Werwath.

RE:MIKE wants to change the way Santa Fe thinks about the St. Michael’s Drive corridor.

Werwath works with fellow co-founder Zane Fischer on their RE:MIKE project, each putting in an insane amount of effort in hopes that St Michael’s may soon realize its potential.

When the dynamic duo are not RE:MIKEing, Werwath is a self-employed affordable housing planner and community developer while Fisher is principal partner at contracting with a background in journalism.

“And we’re meddlers,” adds Werwath. Continue reading

Reach Out, Revitalize, RE:MIKE

18 Sep

By Clara Hittel

If you live in Santa Fe and haven’t heard about a project called RE:MIKE yet, it’s time to pay attention. The movement has begun working on a transformation of the St. Michael’s corridor, hoping to turn it into something other than what RE:MIKE contractor Zane Fischer calls “an aging vision made for cars, mini-marts and parking lots.” Daniel Werwath, a community development contractor for RE:MIKE, is a resident of the area and wishes his neighborhood wasn’t solely “a place to go the bank, a place to get gas [and] a place to whip through at 50 miles per hour.”

The goal is to turn St. Michael’s Drive into something of an urban center where larger numbers of people can live, where young people can afford to start their own businesses and pedestrians can actually enjoy walking.

“The success of the college is…important to the whole community,” states Werwath. “Vibrant neighborhoods need generators.” Continue reading

St. Michael’s Drive: From Bypass to Urban Boulevard

18 Sep

By Charlotte Martinez

In the 1950s, a bypass joined Cerillos Road and Santa Fe’s Old Pecos Trail and it was called St. Micheal’s Drive. Growing from a four to a six lane highway in the ’60s, the road was “designed a time when the car ruled,” says consultant Daniel Werwath of Mix Santa Fe. The widened bypass allowed for a quick flow of traffic from the intersection of Cerillos to St. Vincent’s Hospital and today the street remains a “black hole”—a way of getting somewhere else and doing it in a short amount of time. Residents are car-ridden, walkers are obstructed by unfriendly fencing, and students from the currently re-opened University are reluctant to bike. The road’s dangerous traffic flow, car driven businesses, and asphalted strip malls have become outdated for Santa Fe’s growing population and artistic reputation. Continue reading

Youthful Flexibility and Enthusiasm for a Grassroots Development

18 Sep

By Arianna Sullivan

Students and teachers alike on the campus of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design are often curious about what it was like to grow up in Santa Fe. My answer is much like that of any person who spent elementary, middle and high school in this town whose population has grown from just below 60,000 to almost 70,000 in the two decades that I have lived here: it was a mixed bag. The problem: there really just isn’t that much here for young people to do that is affordable and easily accessible for locals.

Zane Fischer, an entrepreneur dedicated to design that makes people think, and Daniel Werwath, a self-employed housing and community development consultant, are both part of the solution to this problem. Both are involved in MIX Santa Fe, a networking tool for entrepreneurs and organizations in Santa Fe that holds events for what Werwath calls “uncovering the unknown.” Continue reading

Assignments for September 19

12 Sep

Read: NRW, Chapter 6, “Gathering and Verifying Information.” TTS: Part 3, the introduction, plus: “The Ladder of Abstraction,” “Profiles,” “Every Profile is an Epic Story,” and “Narrative Investigative Writing.”

Prepare: News Critique Group, #2: Brandon G. and Charlotte Martinez

Evaluate a story for its news-gathering and information. Consider what is missing. Make a list of the obvious sources that were used to develop the stories, and come up with a list of missing sources that would have improved the story.

Provide: In-class initial drafting and ideas for your story, including potential sources and research. We will discuss these in class to see if anyone needs help with sourcing/reporting.

During class: We will do an in-class research-on-deadline quiz. If you would like, you can bring an laptop. Otherwise, you will be able to complete your assignment in the computer lab in BEN. assignments:
Charlotte: SF Independent Film Festival origin story. Helpful contact: Jacques Paisner,; Backup: Nightlife

Nick: Mike Birbiglia helpful contact: Backup: pre-interview/post-show recap

Clara: SF Renaissance Fair. Contact: 920-5044/, but check with Todd first, as she may be sending the tickets to him.

Veronica: Collected Works Bookstore community events (Dorothy Massey owner)

Jessica; Santa Fe Speakeasy coordinator profile; Gina Rae LaCerva:

Brady: Santa Fe Speakeasy Event overview:

Sarah: fall hiking, not just Aspen Vista. contact/ideas:

Allyson: SF Independent Film Preview Jacques Paisner,

Arianna: Henry Rollins interview;


Tresa Redburn
Mike Magnuson
Backup: Event overview

Nick Martinez: Coaching SF’s best h.s. football team and SF nightlife story

Blanca: Ted X Acequia Madre

Brandon: Cerrillos Hills Park in the fall