Assignments for September 19

12 Sep

Read: NRW, Chapter 6, “Gathering and Verifying Information.” TTS: Part 3, the introduction, plus: “The Ladder of Abstraction,” “Profiles,” “Every Profile is an Epic Story,” and “Narrative Investigative Writing.”

Prepare: News Critique Group, #2: Brandon G. and Charlotte Martinez

Evaluate a story for its news-gathering and information. Consider what is missing. Make a list of the obvious sources that were used to develop the stories, and come up with a list of missing sources that would have improved the story.

Provide: In-class initial drafting and ideas for your story, including potential sources and research. We will discuss these in class to see if anyone needs help with sourcing/reporting.

During class: We will do an in-class research-on-deadline quiz. If you would like, you can bring an laptop. Otherwise, you will be able to complete your assignment in the computer lab in BEN. assignments:
Charlotte: SF Independent Film Festival origin story. Helpful contact: Jacques Paisner,; Backup: Nightlife

Nick: Mike Birbiglia helpful contact: Backup: pre-interview/post-show recap

Clara: SF Renaissance Fair. Contact: 920-5044/, but check with Todd first, as she may be sending the tickets to him.

Veronica: Collected Works Bookstore community events (Dorothy Massey owner)

Jessica; Santa Fe Speakeasy coordinator profile; Gina Rae LaCerva:

Brady: Santa Fe Speakeasy Event overview:

Sarah: fall hiking, not just Aspen Vista. contact/ideas:

Allyson: SF Independent Film Preview Jacques Paisner,

Arianna: Henry Rollins interview;


Tresa Redburn
Mike Magnuson
Backup: Event overview

Nick Martinez: Coaching SF’s best h.s. football team and SF nightlife story

Blanca: Ted X Acequia Madre

Brandon: Cerrillos Hills Park in the fall