Assignments for Sept 26

19 Sep

Read: Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese. We will have a group critique. Please read and bring ideas and observations about this famous profile piece, but pay specific attention to The Ladder of Abstraction concept from last week’s reading. Where does this piece succeed in introducing concepts from the top of the ladder? Where does it show the bottom?

Please bring a rough draft and all of your notes for your story to class. We will devote the rest of class to:

• working on the pieces to produce a complete rough draft

• one or more peer review sessions

• In-class revision

You must turn in (either hard copy or electronically) a complete rough draft by the end of class that incorporates any revision notes I give you in class.

Laptops allowed or you can work in the computer lab. Again, you will turn in the story by the end of the class.