Assignments for October 3

26 Sep

During class: Guest speaker Alexa Schirtzinger from the Santa Fe Reporter; discussion of SFR assignments

For class: News critique #3: Find a significant story about the 2012 elections; evaluate it for its storytelling and structure, based on this week’s NRW readings.

Critique group: Brady and Jessica

For class: Prepare one or several pitches for Alexa for your election/politics-related story. These can be verbal pitches. Your goal is to find a story you can accomplish that relates to the 2012 election. This can be a local election story or be related to the national election. Work on your pitches after you complete the NWR reading (below)

Read: NRW: Chapters 9 and 11, “The Inverted Pyramid” and “Alternatives to the Inverted Pyramid.” Read TTS: Part 11, “Finding Good Topics: A Writer’s Questions” and “Finding Good Topics: An Editor’s Questions.”