Oct. 31 assignments

24 Oct

Halloween class: Eat candy. Lots and lots of candy.

Also: Guest speaker Enrique Limon, arts and culture editor of The Santa Fe Reporter.

Prepare for Enrique’s visit by reading a few of his articles:

Wrestling story in San Diego

Pick one of his stories from the Reporter to read and ask him about:

Ask Enrique questions when he’s here. This not only makes guest speakers’ visits more enjoyable, but a willingness to ask questions is a good practice for all writers. If that is not motivation enough, you will receive a check next to your name for class participation by asking questions and a minus if you don’t.


Consider these pieces for the elements we have discussed, such as narrative, structure, concrete details, but also for critical thinking and language—two important elements in arts criticism.

Read the Pulitzer-prize winner for criticism in 2011 (this is one just one of his pieces; if you want to read more, go to this link.

Read this example of award-winning alternative newsweekly criticism.

Come to class with a book, movie, play, painting etc., about which you can write an in-class short review for an in-class exercise.