November 7 assignments

30 Oct

Today in class, Joanne LeFrak, education director from Site Santa Fe and a working artist, will visit to discuss the Nov. 14 field trip to the museum for the exhibit: “More Real: Art in the Age of Truthiness,” as well as the role of arts journalists/critics.


• Review the exhibit materials

Read the following examples of arts journalism/criticism. Consider the writers’ different approaches in style, voice and substance:

Dave Hickey, “A Fair to Remember”, as well as this backgrounder on Hickey, if you are not familiar with him:

“Regarding Warhol” by Roberta Smith, New York Times art critic

“Changing My Mind About Gustav Klimt’s ‘Adele’” art blog by New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl 

Prior to Joanne’s visit, we will have a discussion about these assigned reading materials.

You are required to prepare questions for Joanne about the SITE exhibit, as well as other questions you may have about arts writing in general.

Finally, please view some or all of this panel discussion on the Future of Arts Journalism.