Class Assignments for November 28

11 Nov

Hard copies of  your SITE Santa Fe pieces are due in class to me. Time permitting, we will read all of them out loud for feedback.

Gwyneth Doland, executive director of the Foundation for Open Government, will visit class. To prepare for her visit, I am posting a combination of review and reading materials. Review means: Look this over to familiarize yourself with the material. Read means: read the material thoroughly. I know it looks like a lot of reading material; don’t freak out: they are all short. As has been the case for guest speakers, please prepare questions for Doland’s visit—I will be marking your questions as points for participation.


FOG website

New Mexico’s Compliance Guide for Public Records

New Mexico’s Open Meetings Act

Sunshine Week website

Student Press Law Center tip sheet


FOG’s primer on Open Records

FOG’s primer on Public Meetings

Santa Fe County Denies SF New Mexican access to records

Undocumented (SF Reporter)

Sunshine Week’s 2012 heroes profiles

Student Press law center briefing on FERPA