Class assignment December 4

27 Nov

Our Dec. 4 class will be devoted to a seminar on Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer, as well as a discussion of journalism and ethics.

The success of our discussion will be largely determined by everyone reading the entire book carefully, as well as other provided materials, and coming to class with ideas for questions and paths of inquiry. Your final writing assignment (for the final) will be a short paper on the book due the following book.

Please review the Society for Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics:

Please read: Chapter 22, NRW, “Ethics”

I will present some background information on the book as well. Here are some other resources for you to consider as part of our discussion and/or your final paper:

Joe McGinness’ response to Malcolm (epilogue to Fatal Vision)

Paris Review interview with Janet Malcolm

Errol Morris takes on Janet Malcolm (Slate magazine)

Interview with Janet Malcolm (Salon)

Who’s Afraid of Janet Malcolm? by Robert Boynton (Mirabella)