Dec. 12 Final Portfolio information

3 Dec

Our last class will be Wednesday, Dec. 5, during which time we will have a seminar discussion on Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer and other reading related to journalistic ethics (check the blog for specific links).

Final portfolios are due by 5 pm, Dec. 12 in Susanne’s office, BEN 103.

No late work will be accepted for the final.

Final portfolio:

• MLA-styled paper on The Journalist and the Murderer, responding to the issues and themes it raises about journalistic ethics. Hard copy only

• Final draft of your SITE Santa Fe arts piece, AP style. This is due both hard copy (to Susanne’s office) and electronically to:


If you have missed written assignments this semester, you can also include these for partial credit in your final portfolio, with the exception of the mid-term, which can’t be made up. You can review all assignment parameters on the class blog,

If these assignments were turned in on time, you do not need to resubmit for your portfolio.


Here is a brief overview of the work that constitutes your final grade:

RE:MIKE field trip writing assignment article, rough draft and final

Reporter political article, rough draft and final

SITE Santa Fe arts piece, rough draft and final

Arts writing assignment from class, rough draft and final

Response paper for Telling Stories

Mid-term exam

News critiques

Class participation